Monday, February 4, 2008

Because I am TOTALLY a sheep....

...and have to follow what everyone else is doing, especially when it's that adorable Abbie, I took a stab at captioning my activation video. There are four of them, and this is the second one...the one where I got to hear voices for the first time. I have it about 99% finished...there are just a few spots that need a little work, still, but I'm too tired to finish it tonight. I wanted to e-mail it to a couple of folks quietly before I posted it here but couldn't figure out how to do it, so here it is :)
It starts out with me listening to the beeps...we're setting them at comfortable levels before turning it on.

There are a few spots where I can't tell what either the audie or I am saying...usually because I'm far too impatient to let her finish her thought and butt in with thoughts of my own, and we're both talking at the same time. Occasionally I just can't hear what we're saying, so I'll listen to it again tomorrow with a fresh brain and try again :)
Hopefully, I can get the rest of them up and running in a few days. One is nearly finished, so really, just two more to go :) There's a link to my YouTube videos over in the sidebar if you want to see the rest of them (uncaptioned, ya know).
I got a neat surprise in the mail from a friend the other day...he sings in a male quartet and sent me three of their CDs. I listened to them yesterday (and today) and was amazed at how easily the words come to me...and these are songs I've never heard before. There are no instruments...this is just vocals...and I'm able to pick up nearly every single word. I'm in awe :)! Women's voices need to be tuned up again...I'll be good and ready for that next map when the time comes! :)
OK, I am SO going to bed...I have to get up at *ugh* SIX AM to get ready for work in the morning (I know some of you have to get up far earlier, but indulge me and feel sorry for me, OK?) Night, y'all.....

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