Monday, October 23, 2006

Mapping Session #2

I went to see Susan today and she reprogrammed my ear. I told her that I am doing much better hearing men's voices, although I can't hear some womens' voices at all. When she reprogrammed the processor, she made some changes that will help with that, I think, so maybe in the next few weeks I'll be able to "hear" womens' voices better. Of course, none of the sounds I hear are clear yet, except the tinkles....those original sounds are now clear as a bell :) She reiterated that I am doing really well and making great progress. The vibrations are starting to settle down a little bit on regular programming. If I turn up the sensitivity they are still overwhelming, but she is pleased with how well my brain is adjusting and is giving me a little more time this time to adjust to my new sounds. I won't go back until November 15th, so I won't have any more news on that front for a while.
I asked her for some advice about how to keep the processor on. It's a bit heavy and it just doesn't want to stay on. I find that if I hold my head just so it stays on but I don't want to go through the rest of my life holding my head just so, not being able to hug people, or jog, or bend over to pick up babies. I am looking into getting a Powerpack battery pack, which will reduce the size and weight of the processor. It will mean that I'll have to wear a wire, so to speak, but it won't cramp my style nearly as it's definitely worth looking into. In the meantime she found me a clip that I think will help hold it on. I knew I'd have to do something last night when I was holding my sweet foster baby at church and she grabbed my face to give me sugar and sent my processor flying into the floor behind my pew. I had to ask the sweet couple behind me to retrieve it for me. Yeah, gonna have to do something.
It wasn't a great day...I have had a lot going on, and the stress has just been building (a lot of schoolwork, a busy weekend, and the added stress that having ears "in stereo" brings). I was going to indulge in a little retail therapy before my mapping session, but managed to back into a light pole with a great deal of force while I was at Target (I'm so thankful there were no cars around!). I thought I was in first gear but I was in reverse (they look similar in the new Versa) and about the time I realized I was in reverse, I whirled around and about that time, hit the pole. Because of my position, I smacked myself solidly on the ear. The processor and the coil with the magnet went their seperate ways...the processor ended up on the front seat floorboard and I finally managed to locate the coil in the back seat. I was horrified that I might have done some serious damage to my ear and was relieved to find out, after assembling the processor again, that it still seemed to be working. After establishing that everything I had was still in proper working order, I got out and surveyed the damage to the car. Ugh :( It's not horrible, but it's my new car......wahhhhh :( I drove to Panera and got online (I always travel with laptop) and tried to relay my hubby and my mom. I finally reached my sister-in-law at work she called my hubby for me (I thought he should know what was going on in case they decided to do any kind of tests on the implant, since it would mean me getting home later). Susan looked it all over and said that everything was more than likely fine. She said that they're implanted in there really good and are made not to move. That was a big relief.
It did make me think ONCE AGAIN *sigh* about getting a Medical Alert bracelet. Since I have metal in my head, I can't have MRIs or be in the same room with an MRI machine. If I were ever in a car accident and lost the processor (*ahem*, like I did today) nobody would know that I had the implant. The problem is that I am not a fan of jewelry. I wear a wedding ring and occasionally will put on a pair of tiny earrings, but that's about it. I sure don't want to wear a dog ugly MedAlert bracelet, or even a necklace. Wonder if paramedics would look for ankle bracelets? I told my hubby half-jokingly that maybe I should have it tattooed on somewhere, but I have no idea if the paramedics would ever see it unless I had it tattooed on my forehead. What's a girl to do??
After I "talked" to Lisa, I went to Davis-Kidd Bookstore. I had a hard time focusing on the books, but did come to myself long enough to remember that there was a Christmas special edition of Paula Deen's magazine, so I went looking for it and treated myself. I considered further medicating myself with some Ben & Jerry's Bananas on the Rum (WHY won't they sell that stuff in the stores?!?!?), but decided that that would be overkill. Maybe next time :)
I didn't get a chance to walk/run today. I have been trying to go out at least every other day, but I haven't had a walk since Saturday. It really does make me feel great to walk for a few minutes. Maybe I need to clean the treadmill off (if I can even find it....)
I'll try to be better about posting just a little something here and there. When I get stressed, I don't like to spread it around, and I've been a little stressed lately. Surely I can find something positive to post here and there, though! I'll try to do better at keeping up :)!

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