Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well, pooh!

I was going to write a post for the one year anniversary of my activation and today was supposed to be the big day. The 22nd, I thought to myself...the big day. So I am tripping down memory lane, looking back in the blog to read what I had to say one year ago today, and pft, it was the 20th. I should have known...I kept thinking it was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving last year, and didn't know how in the world it could go from being on a Tuesday one year to being on a Saturday the next. I am sick, people, with a cold/sinus infection thing, and have been feeling really icky the past few days, so that's my story, and I'm sticking to it :). I knew it was bound to happen...with three little girls sick my number was bound to come up sometime. I am also in possession of one really sore eye...Claire was trying some High School Musical number or another tonight and poked me in the eye with her fingernail, scratching it pretty good. It's red and sore enough to be a constant reminder, but thankfully I can see with no problems. We were supposed to have family pictures made tomorrow but they were's a good thing, I think, as I seem to be falling apart!
Anyhow, one year ago Thursday Susan put my shiny new electrodes through their paces one at a time and then, with the flip of a switch, fired them all up and sound flooded my brain for the first time in eight months. After a few seconds of outright hilarity at the way my new ear sounded, I was just awestruck by the wonder of it worked perfectly, just as it was supposed to. It sounded different, yes...but I was hearing sounds. In the first few days I heard environmental sounds that I had never heard before and heard voices with a clarity that I had never had before. I was one of the fortunate ones that had exceptional results from the very beginning...I think because I was only without sound for a few months and the brain was READY to hear sound on that side again!! I have never looked's a decision that I am so glad I made and would do it again in a second (although with both ears done to my satisfaction, I'm in no hurry to do it again any time soon ;)).
A lot can change in a year...I have gained so much independence, so much more confidence...I've gotten pretty good with the phone, pretty good at hearing the kids in the back seat (not always a good thing). It's gone by really fast...hard to believe...and I'm excited to think about all the exciting new things that it will bring me in the future! :)

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