Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quick update....

(you know me well enough to know this will be another epic, right?)
Five more days until activation...*whew*. I'm quite frankly a basket case about it...this could go either way. We will tape it, and I'll probably post it no matter what the results are, although how fast I do it depends on how quickly I remember how to upload it from the camera :).
Interesting side note...I was briefly concerned as to whether or not we might have issues getting to activation! A rumor started yesterday that Nashville would run out of gas this weekend...and people were lined up six and seven deep at pumps last some areas cars were parked on the road in line. I think that most of the stations here in town are either low or out of all but the premium stuff, and more isn't expected for another couple of days. We tried to get a little last night for our monster van and the BP down the street was rationing it...eight gallons to a customer! It is just insane! Our little car is full and we very rarely drive the van much during the we are good to worries here!
Our second ASL class on Tuesday was just as much fun as the first...this time everyone got a little more relaxed and we got to know each other a bit better. We actually stood around and talked a bit afterwards and just had fun hanging out. This coming Tuesday we're supposed to go up to the League in downtown Nashville for a project set up by the Deaf community called, "Deaf, Deaf World". Talking is strictly prohibited...sign only! You know how hard that will be for me!?!? Very limited sign vocabulary and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mouth...perhaps I should tape my lips together?
OK...a couple of items of interest: First up: Got a funny story about your hearing loss/deaf/CI adventures? Val Blakely and Rachel Chaikhof are teaming up and putting together a book...proceeds to go charity. Go here to read more! Believe it or not, I can't think of a single funny story, although I know there have to be millions of them. Maybe my hubby, kids, or mom can help me remember! Deadline is Sept. hurry!

And this from Brenda Battat, director of HLAA:

"In our Labor Day mailing to you about how frustrating air travel can be, it looks like we hit a hot button! Many of you wrote back complaining about lack of access. People told us stories about missing announcements at gates, missing their plane, or missing on board announcements that would have saved them from missing their connections. Some people are so frustrated they are ready to sue.

Well, we hear you! We are working with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) who tell us they are not receiving enough complaints. They think people with hearing loss are doing just fine with the airlines. Let’s send them a message and let’s make it loud and clear so they can hear us!"

There was a form attached to the e-mail to register your complaints with the DOT, but I couldn't figure out how to attach it to Blogger, so here is the next best thing: the official DOT form. I have only flown alone a handful of times, and haven't yet had any trouble. Thanks to a tip from Laurie, when I fly alone I go to the counter and ask for a pre-boarding pass for people with disablities. That way I am guaranteed that I can get a seat where I can see the flight attendant and hear what she's saying. I do tell the attendants that I'm deaf in the event that something urgent comes up, but I haven't ever had a problem.
HLAA has a webpage that deals with airlines and advocacy, but it seems to be down, so when they get it back up and running I'll post it :)
My Claire has a birthday today...eight years old...and we are taking her out for her birthday tonight. She is in love with my iPod Shuffle so I got her her own little mp3! We asked her where she wanted to go and she picked Red Lobster. Expensive tastes that little girl has! :)
Gonna get off here and get ready...have a great weekend, all! :)

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