Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brain dead!

...that's how I feel :). These pills that I'm on have slowed my brain down to a crawl. The past few days I haven't done much besides sleep, play on the computer, and read...anything requiring serious concentration has been out! I took the pills faithfully for a few days...the first day I fell asleep and let the medication run out and was sorry when I woke up in a lot of pain. I resolved then to just take them as prescribed and not feel bad about it. The first few days were really rough...somehow or another, my "good" CI ear got banged or scratched or SOMETHING during the process, and it was too sore to sleep on, so I didn't have a "good side"...I ended up trying to sleep flat on my back every night those first few nights, and that was tough. Last night was the first night that the "good" CI side was comfortable enough for me to sleep on it...and I crashed hard...slept for about 11 hours straight! I am not feeling the need for a nap today :)!
Taking the turban off was WONDERFUL...it took the pressure off and everything felt SO much better! I didn't take a good look at the incision until about 24 hours later, though, when I washed the hair for the first time...it looks identical to the way it did the first time around. He apparently didn't even bother preserving hair this time...he shaved himself a nice little landing strip on my head. I whined a bit to several of my CI buddies but am getting no sympathy from any of them, as they all think I got off entirely too lightly with my last surgery, when Dr. Haynes didn't shave anything at all!
The incision itself isn't too painful...the bony area around it and my neck are bruised and battered a bit, though, and that's where all the soreness comes in. When I took the turban off at 24 hours post-op, the swelling started...at 48 hours the side of my face was just huge and it stayed like that for probably a couple of days. Yesterday it was better, and today the swelling's gone. I still have some bruising behind the ear and the stitches are still visible, but other than that everything looks relatively normal. The site of the implant itself is incredibly itchy, for some reason. I have had a lot of issues with itching...painkillers seem to do that to me as a matter of routine...but most of it has settled down except for that area that houses the implant. I am assuming that it's because of the skin stretching and everything healing in there, but it makes me nuts. Abbie suggested that I get an ice pack for it, and that helped a lot...as long as it's cold, it doesn't itch. Dr. Haynes left a couple of stitches out this time where I could obsess over them...I think he is testing my patience. So far I have been able to keep my hands off them...I'm afraid of messing something up. We'll see how long that lasts! With my first CI surgery there were stitches all up and down that ear and I finally had to cut my fingernails so I'd leave them alone...they were just too much temptation.
Family and friends have been bringing dinner and hubby has been making sure I have everything I need, so it's been nice to just be able to relax. I'll probably get out for church tomorrow night...that will be the first time I've gotten out all week. I have been lucky not to have any really bad vertigo this time...I just get a bit unsteady when I first get up, but after that I'm good to go :). I still get tired very easily, but a lot of that has been due to not sleeping well...and the pain pills...once I get off those and get into a more regular sleeping pattern I think I'll feel a lot better!
Activation is Sept. 24th at 9 AM...three weeks from tomorrow! I have mixed emotions about it...but I'm mostly looking forward to it...it will be interesting and informative, for sure :).
OK...enough drugged drivel...thank you all for all your support and well-wishes over the past few days! Your comments have meant so much and have cheered me up tremendously! I love you all! ((hugs))

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