Saturday, October 6, 2007

I have a date! :) activation date, that is! It's kind of hard to get really, really excited about it just yet...especially since I haven't had my surgery yet. Right now that is my first priority...and once we get past that event I can concentrate on the activation. Anyhow...there IS a date...on Wednesday, December 12th, at 1 PM, I'll hear for the first time with my new ear! I can't imagine just yet what that will be like...since my first ear was so different from anything I ever thought it would be. I didn't really "hear" with that ear, but instead had a jarring sensation of vibrations inside my head....much like being at a concert when the music's playing so loud that you can't even hear it, just feel it pounding inside your chest and your head. I have faith that this time I will have some hearing, and am excited and curious and cautious and nervous! Maybe it's a good thing to have the date I can be getting used to the idea :).
Surgery is one month from today...I can't wait! I'm so glad that I have a trip planned this month, and a lot to do next week. We are playing musical bedrooms at our house this month....moving our son downstairs and hubby and I are moving upstairs with the girls. This will require a lot of cleaning and some painting and physical work, so that will keep me busy and moving and my mind occupied!
I know I said I'd review the Josh Swiller book...and I was an AWESOME read. I just want to read it again so I can write a thoughtful review...I read through it so fast that I know I'll leave a lot out if I write anything now. In the meantime: a trailer for a film that Josh's cousin Rebecca is making about his deafness and his CI journey. It's a really neat video (he uses the Cochlear brand implant...I have the Advanced Bionics implant, instead, and highly recommend it!)

More to come soon...I have a picnic in Nashville tomorrow for the Nashville League for the Deaf's 80th Anniversary homecoming...I can't wait to see my friends and make more new ones...hopefully, there will be pictures later! Have a great weekend! :)

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