Friday, September 21, 2007

This and that....

Claire had a good birthday yesterday! I was going to take some sort of birthday goodies to her school, but she told me that her granny had already made cupcakes, so that was taken care of. She came home wearing a birthday crown with her name on it...apparently she got to wear it in school and got to be queen for the day :) My mom showed up with a bag full of goodies and the little girls invited her to come eat dinner with us, so she did. We went to Chili's...Claire's pick...which was fine, because we had gift cards for there, and it was free :) The little girls all ordered macaroni and cheese, which is terribly overpriced...we ended up paying 12.00 for three plates of macaroni. I told 'em that for twelve bucks I could make enough macaroni at home to eat for a month...especially since it's the cheap Easy mac kind!! They did eat it all, that was a good thing....and then the server bought out some sort of huge chocolate volcano dessert for the birthday girl! I like Chili's...but last night, I realized just how DARK and LOUD ours is. We sat towards the back and if we had been with someone besides family I wouldn't have understood a thing. It won't keep me from going back, though...their food's good :)
We went to Wal-Mart afterwards to pick up some groceries and to let the birthday girl shop for a little while. She (predictably) wanted more Barbie stuff, which will probably be lost in the 2.8 metric tons of Barbie stuff that we already have by tomorrow :)
Yesterday's mail was fun...I got a birth announcement for a beautiful baby girl, my medical ID ankle bracelet that I ordered from Lauren's Hope on MONDAY, and a birthday card from my local ENT's office. I have been putting off buying any sort of medical ID for...oh....a year now? It keeps coming up on the lists that I'm on, though...and I have known that I needed to order something for a while. Since I have a magnet implanted in my head, I can't have MRIs. I'm not sure exactly what the consequences of that would be, but I try not to think about it. In case of an emergency, especially if I were to be rendered unconscious, medical personnel need to know that information. I am not a jewelry person. Occasionally for a special occasion I'll put on earrings and some sort of necklace, but we're talking really special occasions here. I don't like watches or bracelets or rings...I don't like feeling them...they just drive me crazy. So I have put off this medical ID thing as long as possible. I finally decided to give ankle bracelets a see if they would irritate me as much as other jewelry does. So far, it hasn't been a huge problem. I don't feel it often...occasionally, my jeans will brush up on it but on the whole, it's not too bad. Hopefully in a few days I won't notice it at all *crosses fingers*. Advanced Bionics does have cards we can carry that tell what medical procedures we can and can't have, but I always worry that I won't have them on me or that they won't be found.
Last fall I backed into a pole at Target and even at a slow speed, my head jerked back and my processor flew off. I had to get out of the car and look for the was in the back seat somewhere. If I was ever in a major motor vehicle accident, it's entirely plausible that I could lose one or both processors...and without those visible indicators of my deafness, who would know? It's a whole new ballgame :)
The birthday card from my ENT's office included a coupon for a free package of size 675 hearing aid batteries. I used those things for years...and now I don't need them anymore. I love the rechargeable batteries that come with my CI...they last me about 12 hours at a time, which, honestly, is about as long as I use them in a day. On Sundays, since we have such long days, I'll go ahead and switch batteries before the evening services in case the one I have runs down while we're out, but that's the only time. The Advanced Bionics processors come with two sets of batteries...two smaller Slimcells and two larger Powercell batteries. The Powercells are supposed to last a really long time, but I can't wear them...they are too big and heavy for my I have no idea how long they would last me :). I am hoping when I have my second CI that I can switch the two bigger batteries for smaller ones before they're even opened...I haven't asked yet, though...we'll see :)
Today: no plans....tomorrow: not many plans, so grandma's turning 96 (I thought it was 97...I can't keep up) so we are going over to the nursing home to see her and have a little cake and ice cream. Bless her heart...her memory's gone, so she doesn't recognize me anymore, but she is a friendly gal and enjoys company no matter who it is.
I went back in the archives and looked at her pictures from last year, and when I read the accompanying post I realized that her birthday last year was the first day that I drove after my CI surgery...and that was two weeks later. And by my own accounts, I could barely drive a straight line on the less than half mile to the nursing home. Well, that does it. I'm waiting until after my Savannah trip to have that surgery. Even if they do get me in on standby in the next few days, there's a chance I won't be able to drive in time for my trip...and I can't let that happen!! So...I'll wait! It will give me something to look forward to when I get back! :)
Enough rambling....Katie is cooking bacon and eggs upstairs, and it smells done :) Later, y'all! :)

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