Sunday, July 29, 2007


I got a nasty scare on the way home. Our road is off a main highway. I walk in the neighborhood across the highway so I have to walk down a little stretch and cross over to get there. On the way home (and I had my processor on, y'all) I was walking on the highway and a truck passed me going the same direction I was and pulled over. While I was digesting that information, trying to figure out what he was doing, I noticed some weird lights to my side, so I turned around and just about that time a fire truck roared by, lights blazing and, apparently, sirens blaring. The scary part...I never heard the siren. Right when it got next to me my processor kind of blanked out (I heard nothing at all)'s a built in mechanism to keep noises from being too I know the siren was on. I just can't hear sirens. It's not the first time that's happened (I was nearly plowed down by a fire truck outside Franklin once) but it was definitely scarier this time, since I was on foot and the truck was close and very fast!! I have told my audiologist about it in the past and she has made several changes to try to fix it but so far nothing has worked there. I assume that it's coming in time, and I haven't given up on it, but tonight's experience was unsettling. If I hadn't seen the lights flashing off to the side I might not have ever known it was there until it passed me. In the daytime that wouldn't do any good. Gonna have to work on this...

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