Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday and Monday:

Ah....it's beginning to look like I might get caught up! ;)
Sunday we got up around 7 and got dressed...Laurie for the flight home and me for church and the drive homeward. We got done in plenty of time to go down to the coffee shop and grab something to eat (another nutritious breakfast: this time, a large cup of coffee and a huge slab of banana nut bread....yum!!!!). While we were down there, Norm snuck up on us. We had said our good-byes to him the day before...several times. Every time we thought we wouldn't see him again, we'd run into him somewhere, and then we'd say good-bye again. While we were in the coffee shop we found out that his flight left only a few minutes before Laurie's, so it was decided that he would ride with us to the airport instead of having to take the shuttle. We all went up and got our luggage and then I went to get the car. When I drove it out of the garage, the booth was unattended, so I didn't have to pay anything....for an entire weekend of parking!! Yaaaaaaayyyy! :) We said our official, final good-byes to Norm at the airport. Laurie and I will see each other soon: she is coming to Nashville in August! In fact, I drove some of her silent auction winnings home with me since they wouldn't all fit in the suitcase...a great excuse for another get-together...I gotta deliver her stuff!! :D
I found the church building where our friend Bro. Osborne preaches and worshiped with them, then I hit the road. The day was fairly uneventful until around dinnertime...I couldn't find the congregation I had planned to worship with, and then I had a terrible time finding a hotel. Apparently, the hotels along I-40 in Arkansas are all pits. I checked into one and right back out of it again after two different rooms on two different sides of the hotel both smelled so horrible that I was afraid I'd be sick. There were other hotels at that exit, but, shellshocked, I decided to put some miles between that hotel and myself, so I drove for a while. That was a mistake, because I didn't run into many more hotels for about an hour and a half. When I finally found a nice-looking Baymont, I checked in, only to be greeted with more stinky rooms (I kid you not, I have never been in rooms as smelly as those along I-40!) . The manager showed me two different rooms, and I could actually breathe without feeling lightheaded in one of them, so I deemed it worthy and unpacked. I had a very unpleasant experience in the parking lot of that hotel...which is simply not blog material...and spent the rest of the night barricaded in my room, waiting for morning, so I could just get in the car and go again. Joyce and Laurie and my friend Tammy from NC entertained me with text messages nearly all day, and Joyce and I spent over an hour on our Yahoo! instant messagers that night...they were great company :)
I made it home yesterday without further incident. I found a Macaroni Grill in Germantown, just outside Memphis, and had a delicious lunch. When I got to Dickson, TN, I stopped to see Katie at camp. I hadn't seen her in almost a week, and it was good to see my sweet girl again! I made it home by 6 PM and we all went out to eat with the in-laws at Ruby Tuesday.
It was an amazing weekend. I had so many great experiences....met some terrific new friends...learned some new things about myself. I'll be sharing more of my experiences over the next few days, but for now I'm just glad I'm caught up...ha! :)
Y'all have been very patient readers...thank you. I love you all....and if any of my new friends from OKC are visiting, I hope you'll come back again and again...you helped make my weekend a wonderful one, and I'm so grateful for you!!
Love y'all....

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