Monday, June 25, 2007

I know, I know....

I've taken long enough to update, haven't I? I tell you what, I'm so behind right now I'm not sure I'll ever get caught up again! I got home around 6 PM tonight, then we went to dinner, and then I had to unload the car and start the washing machine....
First off: More pictures. Here's the link: OKC, Part 2
And now for the updating: Oy, where to start? Friday morning? Here goes...
I woke up and got ready for the day. I beat Laurie getting ready, which was funny because she was up before I was. She heard a knock at the door and Joyce was there with her buddy Mike Royer. Since Laurie wasn't presentable, I went out in the hall and talked to them for a few minutes, then Mike dashed off to work at the Advanced Bionics table (click on the link...there is a picture of Mike and his daughter there) and Joyce came in to visit for a little while. When Laurie was ready we went down to the coffee shop and picked out a nutritious breakfast (lemon coconut bars the size of a brick and coffee are nutritious, right?) We went to the exhibit hall for a little while to be sociable and check out some of the vendors. They were all giving out little freebies: Cochlear was giving out coffee and tea, Med-El was handing out bottled water and coffee, and Advanced Bionics was handing out chocolate (Gotta love 'em ;) ). A lot of the vendors were exhibiting phones and alarm clocks and giving out handouts about the latest technology for the hearing impaired. While you browsed, you got to meet new people...bonus! :D
We hung out there just for a little while and then Laurie, Joyce, and I went a couple of blocks down to Bricktown. We walked around and poked through shops and went to Mickey Mantle Park. Then Laurie had to go back to the hotel for a panel that she sat on for Cochlear America, so Joyce and I walked around by ourselves for a while. I found a Sonic (it was an indoor order and sit-down Sonic...I've never seen one of those) and went in to pick up a Diet Cherry Limeade. On the way out I ran into Susan, whom I had seen the night before at the get-acquainted hoedown, and introduced myself. I was surprised to learn that she lives about 45 minutes away from me! We exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers and said we'd get together again.
Joyce and I then went to Falcone's for lunch. I picked up a meatball sandwich with muffaletta salad...ahhh....I didn't think I was hungry but I ate almost all of it. After eating Joyce and I walked back to the hotel...slowly...checking out the different streets and walkways just to see what all was there. We went up to Joyce's room to wait for Laurie to get out of her meeting, and then I went back to wander around the exhibition hall a while longer. I saw Susan again, ran into a few people I'd already met, met a few new friends, and then ran into Dr. Norm. We had met him at the get-acquainted party the night before and hit it off pretty well then. He and I talked for a while and then Laurie came and asked what we wanted to do for dinner, and we decided to try Abuelo's. We called up Susan to see if she wanted to come too, and were tickled when she accepted our invitation. Abuelo's was wonderful. I just got a salad, since I had been eating all day long (oink) but it was a really yummy one. Everyone else had some really yummy looking Mexican food, and admittedly, I was jealous ;)
After dinner we went to the movies! Advanced Bionics offered tickets to see Evan Almighty to anyone who asked (first come, first served) and we jumped on it! It was WONDERFUL....I have never, ever, ever seen a movie the first day out that was CAPTIONED!!!! And Advanced Bionics threw in a free coke and popcorn to boot! That was a really special treat. Movies have always been frustrating for me. I love the social experience, but miss nearly everything that's said. Not so this time!! It was awesome!! After the movie we took a long, slow walk back to the hotel, stopping at a coffee shop for me to get some coffee. We ended up in the coffee shop in the lobby of the hotel talking waaaayyy too late :)
I was going to try to get the entire weekend in here, but I'm too tired, and am going to head to bed. So, tomorrow. Maybe I'll get through it all then! For now: G' you all :)

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