Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I just gotta blog...

THANK YOU all for your words of encouragement and support today. I am not making this decision lightly. I am not making it because I feel like my first implant failed. I don't think that way. I do agree that I haven't given it enough time to really know what it will do, although, as I've stated earlier, I HAVE been told that my results are not "typical". Most people actually have the sensation of "hearing" from the get-go, even though it's not good hearing. I have a sensation of "hearing", too, but mine is accompanied by almost an electrical shock feeling, and it's not pleasant. My audiologist has turned my sensitivity levels down to near nothing and while it's more comfortable, it's still very unpleasant. It doesn't resemble hearing so much as it resembles being mildly electrocuted. I had that sensation in that ear before I ever had the was my reaction to loud unpleasant buzz...and was warned that it might well carry over after the surgery. I am NOT giving up on it yet, however....who knows, in time, I might adjust to it.
However, that's not what this is about :) This is about doing what I originally intended to replace a failing ear before I lose it entirely. I am not worried about having the same results with this second implant that I've had with the first one. And, if by some freaky chance, I do, I will adapt...somehow or another...God has seen me this far....He is not about to give up on me now. If He intends for it to happen, it will, and if He doesn't, it won't. I have faith.

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