Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Research study article:

is here. I'll be reviewing my impressions with it tonight and over the next few days as I try it out for myself. Check the article out to see what we're doing and then I will try to better explain it as we go :)

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Anonymous said...

This is interesting because two weeks ago, I had another electrode switched off, taking me down to 14. I was really worried about it, but two weeks later, I'm actually hearing much better. Not so good in background noise, but with this implant, I have never been good in background noise - my old implant that failed was the best for that, and I dont think I'll ever get that back.

So nothing you wrote in here has surprised me. I'm reading more and more that the number of electrodes really don't matter.

When my first implant failed. I went from 18 to 5 electrodes overnight. Do you know - I could still get nearly 90% comprehension in quiet with 5 electrodes - it was just softer than I was used to.