Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures from the Walk4Hearing..... and here. Check them out!

I want to write more about this soon, but I'm worn out :). I do want to say a HUGE "Thank You!!!" to everyone who has supported me and my team this year...with your help, I was able to contribute $900.00, and at last count the Nashville team had raised $1,990.00...ten dollars short of $2,000.00!! Considering that several of the people that had originally planned to walk with our team weren't able to due to scheduling conflicts, I am THRILLED with our success. I am so grateful to YOU all for making this happen...thank you!

My children and husband all walked...even my six year old...5k or just a little over 3 miles. Needless to say, everyone is asleep...and I am headed that way myself!


Jen :)

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