Friday, July 18, 2008

Slacker! :)

I've been called a slacker lately...I've neglected both of my blogs! Sorry about has been a bit nutty here. Good news first...yes, it seems that the August 28th surgery date is a go. I still have not heard THE FINAL WORD but I e-mailed them the other day and they said that the date isn't the issue's deciding how to bill everything to insurance, etc. and then deciding where to ship the new implant for surgery. Location has still not been determined, apparently...or if it has I haven't yet heard...but I don't really care, as long as it happens :). I was informed that the first implant was apparently still under warranty (I don't know what the warranty time period on internal components are, but it hasn't been two years yet) so replacing it shouldn't be an issue insurance-wise. So...all is great on that we wait for August 28th!
The two teenagers were at church camp last week...and this week Will has been gone to his buddies' house about two hours away. I am driving to pick him up tomorrow...I'm looking forward to it...a couple of hours alone in the car with the CD player blasting and a Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic in tow. I rarely get time alone and when I do I enjoy it. Of course the return trip will involve three loud teenage boys who will make obnoxious sounds and will not want to listen to my music but will want to play theirs at top volume. Maybe I'll find a new favorite recording artist (ha!).
It's been an interesting past few our last HLAA meeting I was nominated for an officer position (elections next month) and appointed webmaster of the Nashville HLAA website (don't feel like you have to go over there right this very second and check it out...I don't have access to it yet!). In Reno I met some people that work for HLAA that asked if I would be interested in being involved with the convention next year in Nashville...and I was ALL OVER THAT IDEA...I have been wanting to be involved ever since I joined HLAA last year. The organization itself and the people in it have inspired and encouraged me SO MUCH over the past year...and I have wanted so much to be able to give back and to help other people the way it helped me. looks like that wish is coming true...they have offered me opportunities to be VERY involved in the next year. I'll fill you in here and there as things move promises to be an interesting...and busy...year :).
I keep being amazed at the CI moments I have with my one good's amazing. Tonight we had a singing at church and before it got started my mother-in-law was talking to a woman in another part of the building. There weren't a lot of people there, but I could hear what she was saying to the lady she was talking to...from probably thirty feet away. Of course, my mother-in-law is not a whisperer by nature...her voice does carry well...but the fact that there was so much distance and that I heard her so well was just amazing. At any other time in my life that would have been just unthinkable. I have also been practicing listening in noise...when there's a lot of background noise I make a concerted effort to listen to one voice here and there to see how much I pick up. Of course, it depends on who's talking, how loud, male or female (I tend to do better with men's voices), how far away, how loud the background noise is. However, I'm always tickled to be able to pick up as much as I do...this is a new skill...after more than 30 years!
OK...I'm off to bed before I bore y'all silly. Nighters all...I'll try not to be such a slacker from now on :)! *hugs*
*Edited for Cynthia: I could hear every word my mother-in-law said. The lady she was talking to, I couldn't hear, although if I watched her I could read her lips and understand what she was saying. No, I didn't get their entire conversation, but if they had all been talking as loudly and clearly I probably would have gotten most of it :)

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